Welcome to my lair.

Hi dear reader,

If I were to write a tv script about myself the character sheet would say: A weirdo with all sorts of enigmatic and troubling characteristics. Enigmatic is a fancy term here meaning; Perplexing, something hard to understand or explain. It may be more dignified than i deserve but i like words and enigmatic is a good one. So if you feel perplexed when you read my blog in the future, don't say you were never warned. I am an atheist who used to be far more religious than anyone in my family. I am a bi woman who has been married to my best friend (a straight man, for the record) for 26 years. I am a writer who creates novels that she never brings to her readers (hopefully that is about to change). I am a vegan (mostly) who sometimes snatches bits of sausages or cheese if they are headed for the trash bin on the finished plate of a friend. My degrees are in Voice Performance (opera) and Music Education (k - 12 vocal/ general/ instrumental) but i rarely teach and i haven't performed in years. I love my family and my dear friends with a ferocity and dedication that defy reason and sometimes leaves me exhausted, unproductive and depressed. But no more of that. I hope that these entries will amuse and enlighten. I intend to be embarrassingly candid about my thoughts, but i may have to change the names and other details to protect the privacy of others. Please don't try to guess, you may think you know, but it's doubtful. Welcome to my corner of the web. Come back as often as you like.